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Chilton Booster Club


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We believe that all students, parents and the community benefit from the participation in co-curricular activities and contributes to the success of Chilton Public Schools. Our efforts will be to promote and strive for improvements in athletics and academics by encouraging and recognizing high standards of sportsmanship. In that spirit, to ethically support the athletic programs with contributions of goods, services and/or monetary support to augment the Athletic Program at Chilton Public Schools.


To provide support and encouragement to students associated with Chilton Public School sanctioned sports for grades 7-12.  The club will work directly with the School District to promote and strive for improvements in the athletic program. The club will not interfere or compete with existing clubs, rather it will provide assistance to those clubs if needed.


The boosters operate under an established set of by-laws, which prescribe how the organization will conduct business.  Elected officers and a board of directors will govern the Chilton Booster Club. Officers will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. There will be (10) board of directors representing the following sports: Football, Baseball/Softball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Track/Cross Country, Golf & Swimming.

The By-Laws of the organization:

Click the following:  CBC_By_Laws_20170327.pdf